Monday, November 29, 2010

Random bits

This little mushroom made me quite happy today!

In other's really not so easy to write about something that doesn't inspire you. I went to this show the other night and though the headliner was good enough, there was really nothing noteworthy to say about it all. The only inspiration i was able to find was in being cruel to one of the opening acts who i thought were just dreadful. But it's not like i feel so awesome about tearing down someones creative flow just because I'm an old bastard who doesn't understand some of this new shitty music that's being made so instead i get over my ego and try to be biased. I still managed to add my two-cents though. It'll probably get me in trouble with the young indie-kid population of Vancouver, thus further casting me into the role of "surly music critic" guy, but what do i care? Fuck them and their sloppy sad slacker stupid music. Dinosaur Jr. did it proper. Gun Outfit can have their monodrone poopstain kak!

Okay, that's a wrap!

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