Thursday, November 25, 2010

Days of becoming

I sit here on a snowy-wet Thursday night, feet finally dry after a day out delivering. There are the lingering bits of a foul fever in my lungs but my heart is lighter than it has been in a few days. Has been since yesterday. I'm feeling better and i am grateful for the time this rare illness has given me to reflect on things. I am making some changes in my lifestyle because it's quite clear that, yes indeed, i AM too old for this shit. 
No, not heroin. Or meth. 

On this snowy-wet Thursday night i sit in my chair with a cold in my chest, the Hare Krishna mantra playing over and over via a link sent from a friend. It has grounded me, opened my heart and widened my eyes a bit. I may not be of the mind to run off barefooted to join a safron robe cult, but shit man, there is some SERIOUS juju in mantra and sound vibration. It's amazing if you're open to it.

On this snowy-wet Thursday evening i have a feeling of excitement in my heart as i think about a weekend ahead of spending an "American" Thanksgiving with friends, room-mates and lovers on Friday and then I'll be working a rock show with a friend on Saturday. The band is called No Age and I've seen them once before when they played with Abe Vigoda and Mika Miko at Richards a couple of years back. They're kind of dynamic and oddball. I'm not sure of how to wrap my head around their sound, but i listened to their new album last night and think i might again tonight. It's wacky but i like it.

Okay, well thanks for letting me ramble. Here's a video for good luck.

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  1. Have fun at the show. I really like the new No Age album and would like to hear how they are live.