Monday, November 29, 2010

Random bits

This little mushroom made me quite happy today!

In other's really not so easy to write about something that doesn't inspire you. I went to this show the other night and though the headliner was good enough, there was really nothing noteworthy to say about it all. The only inspiration i was able to find was in being cruel to one of the opening acts who i thought were just dreadful. But it's not like i feel so awesome about tearing down someones creative flow just because I'm an old bastard who doesn't understand some of this new shitty music that's being made so instead i get over my ego and try to be biased. I still managed to add my two-cents though. It'll probably get me in trouble with the young indie-kid population of Vancouver, thus further casting me into the role of "surly music critic" guy, but what do i care? Fuck them and their sloppy sad slacker stupid music. Dinosaur Jr. did it proper. Gun Outfit can have their monodrone poopstain kak!

Okay, that's a wrap!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Days of becoming

I sit here on a snowy-wet Thursday night, feet finally dry after a day out delivering. There are the lingering bits of a foul fever in my lungs but my heart is lighter than it has been in a few days. Has been since yesterday. I'm feeling better and i am grateful for the time this rare illness has given me to reflect on things. I am making some changes in my lifestyle because it's quite clear that, yes indeed, i AM too old for this shit. 
No, not heroin. Or meth. 

On this snowy-wet Thursday night i sit in my chair with a cold in my chest, the Hare Krishna mantra playing over and over via a link sent from a friend. It has grounded me, opened my heart and widened my eyes a bit. I may not be of the mind to run off barefooted to join a safron robe cult, but shit man, there is some SERIOUS juju in mantra and sound vibration. It's amazing if you're open to it.

On this snowy-wet Thursday evening i have a feeling of excitement in my heart as i think about a weekend ahead of spending an "American" Thanksgiving with friends, room-mates and lovers on Friday and then I'll be working a rock show with a friend on Saturday. The band is called No Age and I've seen them once before when they played with Abe Vigoda and Mika Miko at Richards a couple of years back. They're kind of dynamic and oddball. I'm not sure of how to wrap my head around their sound, but i listened to their new album last night and think i might again tonight. It's wacky but i like it.

Okay, well thanks for letting me ramble. Here's a video for good luck.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Beginning the begin

This is to be a short intro. Nothing more nothing less. 
Elsewhere on the webs i have a blog where music and tidbits i find interesting get posted. This space is (hopefully) to be where i post thoughts, stories, freehand writing and reviews of shows/movies/CD's that likely won't make it to published form. It's a place where i will exercise my creative muscle. You see, 2 weeks out of every month i set to writing and after that is the dead zone aside from smart emails and faceybook comments. That is simply not enough and so at the recommendation of my wild haired nymph Brit-anny i have decided to try this medium on for size. I hope i use it. I hope it works. Stay tuned.....