Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Of seal heads, graceful herons and outdoor showers

I am sitting in the sun room of the gorgeous bed & breakfast my lover and I have rented for a couple of days. Part need for quiet relaxation and part romantic Valentines getaway, this amazing spot on Galiano island couldn't be anymore perfect for our current needs. I am happy. I am content. I am filled with love for self and for this lover at my side. 
In front of me is a panoramic view of the surrounding islands. The crystal shimmering water is literally right under our feet and we are cradled on either side by lofty pines and arbutus trees who are strip-teasing their bark for the entire world to see.  Gershwin is hitting it hard on the stereo and off in the distance are the cries of eagles and the odd pissed off squirrel who is shouting at a random bird for getting too close to its plunder. This is the life. I am happy. I am content.
This morning I opened my day with a long and challenging power yoga practice in front of the fire. It had been a while since I'd gone so deep into my yogic meditation, so content on the home-front with letting my rushy city life keeping me from fully taking in the moment and my need for a centered and strong  practice. It wasn't until today that i realized just how distracted I am with everything....money worries, time restrictions, home distractions, the sounds of my roughshod neighborhood and the dust on my counter tops. Back home I feel like a nutcase and it is when I find myself in places like this that I feel truly at home in my body, mind and spirit. 
As i made my yoga practice, gazing upon the water and view before me, tears rolling down my face and sweat pouring from my brow, bursts of laughter and long held "OM"-like sighs escaping from my belly and throat, I realized again just how important this is for me to do, to take in fully these complete moments of love and presence. To remember that I am happy and that I am content.
Puffy cotton clouds paint the rich blue sky in front of me. Smoke rises from some unknown source in between the tree pregnant hills across the water. The green of the fir tree to my left is vibrant, fresh and so lush you can almost taste it. Tiny croppings of rock and small islands make the view more colorful. The light amber sun starting its descent into the horizon is warm with promises of the spring and summer to come. The glass of white wine at my side is going down surprisingly well. I am happy. I am content.
I would love to call this my home and I suppose for this present moment it is home. As i sit in this sun warmed room taking in the view with my lover knitting and sitting by my side, this is all i could want or ask for. Tomorrow brings the journey home and the inevitable trappings of city life. From there I will do my best to take with me all that I have learned and captured in my heart, but for now tomorrow never happens. For now I am home. I am happy. And I am content.
Thank you. I love you!

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